A motivator, enabler, facilitator of change. I am passionate about empowering people, helping them achieve their goals and ambitions, whether in their personal or professional lives.

I have an innate curiosity and interest in people. I am not afraid to be a contrarian, to challenge assumptions and beliefs which may be holding someone back and preventing them from achieving not just their goals but their DREAMS.

I partner with clients in an exciting and creative process, setting clear goals and actions and holding them accountable to achieving them – thereby ensuring that my clients effectively and efficiently achieve results and success.

As each client is unique, I do not subscribe to a ‘one size fits all’ philosophy – my coaching is tailor-made to address each client’s individual personal and professional needs so as to empower them to achieve success.

Prior to becoming a coach, I practiced law for over 20 years. I am a dual-qualified (United Kingdom and South Africa) lawyer with broad commercial and corporate legal experience and expertise. I have worked internationally and locally in top-tier law firms in the UK and South Africa and as senior and general legal counsel for various organisations – including a multi-national publicly listed global bank, a privately-held asset management company, a publicly-listed investment management company and an innovative digital fintech.

A highly agile coach, lawyer and mediator confident working at all levels of management and competent at managing, and assisting my clients to manage, change and achieve success no matter the situation.

With strong communication and relationship-building skills, I work with my clients to build more effective and enriching relationships – whether with their colleagues, stakeholders or clients.

Having lead and managed cross-border, cross-functional teams and projects, recognises the importance of working collaboratively and motivating and developing others – creating more beneficial, productive and ultimately profitable careers and relationships.

A member of the Coaches & Mentors Association of South Africa and the International Coaches Register.

An accredited international commercial mediator (through Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) (UK) and Conflict Dynamics (South Africa)) and an accredited ADR International divorce mediator.


  • Helen Burt was appointed as a Mediator in a commercial dispute which had been lingering for a number of years in litigation. With the professional assistance of Helen we reached a settlement that satisfied both parties. Helen was efficient and had the right balance of firmness and cordiality between the parties and navigated the disputes and expectations of the parties expertly. I would recommend Helen for commercial mediations without reservation
    Wright Rose-Innes attorneys
  • Helen was a great mediator and facilitated a settlement between our client and the opposing party. Overall the experience was organised, punctual and beneficial and left our client satisfied with the outcome. We would highly recommend Helen as a mediator in future.
    Christodoulou & Mavrikis Inc attorneys
  • One of the greatest things I love about Helen is her ability to make me feel comfortable and confident in my abilities, without imposing. She always provides such a safe space for me to be myself during our conversations, and in moments of doubt she reminds me that I’m a rock star! Sometimes that’s all you need to take a leap forward.
    CEO, Vukawanele
  • I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the effort, guidance and support I have received from you throughout this [coaching] process. Not only have you given me the tools and confidence to achieve my goals, but you have created a safe environment for me to explore various ideas that I would not have thought of or focused on prior to our sessions. I appreciate that your approach to coaching is not to dictate what needs to be done but rather to provide a sounding board to explore ideas and possible opportunities. What I most appreciated about the process and your approach was that you took the time to get to know me as a person and then worked with me to achieve my goals while still being true to myself.
    Senior Associate, Employment, ENS.
  • At the start of this coaching programme, I did not know what to expect and to be honest I was hesitant with the focus being on me and my development areas especially considering how low my self-confidence was and I wanted to preserve whatever I had left. From the very first meeting, I have felt very comfortable engaging with confidence with Helen. Helen allowed me to be weak and honest but most importantly probed me, questioned me and allowed me to really take a deep self-reflection to be able to become a better professional in the corporate environment. As a young professional, giving the opportunity to have a coach has been incredible. I truly feel that through her guidance that I am better able to handle situations that have been difficult by being able to plan and self-reflect in many situations. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
    Senior Brand Manager: Sexual Wellbeing & Personal Care, RB - Reckitt Benckiser South Africa (Pty) Ltd
  • A professional and personable coach and also someone who is deeply thoughtful. I enjoyed, and gained benefit from, being coached by Helen - she helped shift my perspectives and gave me fresh, new insights which I have implemented in my consulting practice.
    Director of Projects, RMS
  • I was fortunate to attend various coaching sessions by Helen. Her ability to quickly and accurately identify issues was very valuable to me and helped me determine effective solutions. She acts with the greatest professionalism and deals comfortably with confidential matters. Helen has a lot of life wisdom and experience and can help clients with a variety of challenges. I can recommend her with great confidence.
    GLP Coaching & Regional Operations Manager, Pioneer Foods
  • I so appreciated being coached by Helen Burt. She holds a coaching space with professionalism and respect, and simultaneously navigates the process of creating and achieving goals with ease. I would highly recommend her services if you’re looking for a professional, authentic coach that can assist you in seeing results in your personal and professional life.
    Business and Life Coach, Forêt Coaching
  • Helen coached me at a potential inflection point in my career. I found her to be very encouraging, solution-oriented, and good at exploring options and asking thought-provoking questions. I found the experience of being coached by Helen to be valuable and interesting. I have come away from it with a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, and feeling motivated to do better.
    Senior Associate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Bowmans
  • I am so thankful for the time I have spent with you! I have developed from being a person that could not see any way out of circumstances (which is perceived to be poisoning) other than to "run away", to someone that appreciates "running away" may not change circumstances and that change in mindset and daily habits change how one perceives one's circumstances. I have gained so much valuable insight on myself as a person that allowed me to develop self drive and confidence. Your coaching was the best investment I have made in myself and would recommend your professional and insightful career coaching to anyone. Thank you for your time and wonderful insights!
    Senior Associate, Construction, Bowmans
  • Helen is a wonderful coach and combines a practical approach with genuine care and support for her clients. Her consistent feedback and detailed guidance mean one always feels connected and equipped, and she is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals however big or small. I would highly recommend Helen to anyone looking for a thoughtful, genuine and highly professional coach.
    Strategic Research: Executive Office, Discovery Limited